Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Newly single mom

Well, this is my first blog so its time to let off some steam.

I'm a newly divorced single mom of two great girls. My 11 yr old is a princess in her own right if you accept the concert shirts and ripped jeans. But shes the one that wears the makeup, worries about her nails and hair. She's very sensitive and caring.

My soon to be 17yr old (she'll be 17 in less then a week) shes more like me. Oh yeah she has the ripped up jeans and tshirts like I do and the two tone hair (same as me). She listens to a lot of 80's metal bands and blasts music. She's also like me as in hides her feelings and wont express herself often. 

Now as i stated I'm newly divorced and very happy about this since my ex and I weren't meant to be and i finally realized it after 13 yrs. My youngest misses her dad at times but my oldest she has a habit of siding with him most times. She seems to think hes the greatest and I Know its because he buys her. 

As buying her I mean...her birthday is next week as I stated and he knows I'm just trying to get on my feet after the divorce, so he is going to buy her a new pro skate board and get her lip pierced. Funny when we where married he never did any of that for her. So now she sides with him. Why do parents do this to each other? Why do they feel they have to buy their children's love? .....Well this is my first post and I hope to post more. If you want to read more look me up.